A Proprietary Advantage

From its earliest research 20 years ago to detect and trace eye locations, Ayonix has evolved into one of today’s leading AI face recognition software developers

We build cutting-edge technology using our proprietary algorithms

The Ayonix platform ranks among the world’s best for speed, accuracy and scalability. Developed completely in-house, our advanced, military-grade AI system applies advanced mathematical approaches and pattern recognition to detect and match faces.

Our Unique Algorithms Provide Unmatched Accuracy

Face Detection Algorithms

3-Dimensional Algorithms

Facial Feature Reference Points

Face Matching Algorithms

With lightning speed, our algorithm converts 2D video or still images into data, which is then analyzed against statistical norms to reconstruct faces in 3D. Bolstered with an intelligent deep-learning network, we process each image in under 100 milliseconds.

The results are groundbreaking: Ayonix can compare 6 million records to find a 99.6 accurate match.

Differentiated approaches

Angle-to-frontal analysis

Our unique mathematical approach converts all non-frontal faces to frontal images – increasing match speed

Remove identity masks

After homing in on faces obscured by facial hair or skin tones, our 3D engine reconstructs an optimal image for comparison

Minimal IT drain

Ayonix solutions are built on the most compact engine in the field, allowing customers to deploy IT resources smartly

Groundbreaking R&D

Our Ph.D. scientists develop our leading-edge technology and algorithms, allowing us to move nimbly in research

Our Patented 3D Recognition Engine in Action:

Capture a facial image and identify key points at the eyes, nose and mouth

Extrapolate 100 points on the face based on the initial image capture – and compounds that data to build thousands of points in between

Apply a 3D mesh, which corrects for variables such as shadows, front hair style and a subject’s facial angle.

Extract gender, age and person-specific features from the face image – akin to an analog to digital conversion.

Match face to databases and generate matching score between 0.0 and 1.0.

Industry Comparison

Explore Our Innovative Product Suite:


A paper ticket can be easy to misplace. But a face? That’s a constant that can help provide secure access – including across multiple check-in points, such as from the ticketing counter to the boarding gate.

Faceticket is a unique face verification application that runs on a closed network.

Ayonix FaceID SDK

Our powerful multi-platform Software Development Kit covers detection, enrollment, verification, and identification

The SDK runs multiple algorithms for detecting faces and eyes in images, for tracking faces in video streams and for analyzing and checking face characteristics to support a total face recognition solution.


Every day, businesses and organizations must manage their employees coming and going. For many, the solution has been swiping badges – first to gain entry to a building, then perhaps at other locations to access even more secure venues.

Smartgate’s face recognition technology does at that – more quickly and securely, not to mention avoiding the challenges that come with updating badges and other hardware.

AI Cam Platform

When you want to identify who’s coming and going in your business or community, time is security and money.

With the AICam Platform, we can match a face and alert a client within 50 milliseconds – with nearly flawless accuracy. The AICam is powered by Ayonix’s industry-leading face recognition engine.

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