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From its earliest research 20 years ago to detect and trace eye locations, Ayonix has evolved into one of today’s leading face recognition software developers, building cutting-edge technology using its proprietary algorithms.

Today, the Ayonix advantage offers full 3D face recognition, with fast and accurate processing from the most compact engine in the field.

Angle-to-frontal analysis

Ayonix uses unique mathematical approaches that convert all non-frontal faces to frontal images, modifying facial elements to standard forms.

Removal of identity masks

An intelligent feature algorithm homes in on faces that are obscured by facial hair and sunglasses or have different skin tones.

Minimal IT drain

Ayonix solutions require significantly lower hardware and related technology investments, allowing customers to deploy resources smartly.

Our Unique Algorithms Provide Unmatched Accuracy

Face Detection Algorithms

3-Dimensional Algorithms

Facial Feature Reference Points

Face Matching Algorithms

Public Safety Solutions

From routine surveillance to border control, Ayonix face recognition enhances how you protect people and identify threats.

  • Border protection

    Our software quickly and accurately monitors people crossing borders, helping to identify and halt potentially threatening individuals.

  • Identity verification

    Face recognition can help speed secure checking of travel documents, particularly with the expansion of ePassports with self-check airport kiosks.

  • Surveillance

    Whether your building is located domestically or abroad, Ayonix systems can help you monitor anyone who is monitoring you.

Premier Access & Authentication Control

Face recognition ensures only authorized users can access facilities, personal records and more, with touchless convenience.

  • Patient Management

    Instantaneously match patients and their records, trimming administrative time and providing more time for important patient care.

  • Facility access control

    Face recognition gateways can open doors and provide access to digital records, only admitting those with pre-approved clearance.

Commerce & Marketing Applications

Deliver timely ads, make relevant promotional offers, and engage customers with your retail, hospitality or entertainment brand.

  • Advanced Digital Signage

    Identify the demographic of potential customers as they walk through high-traffic venues, and automatically serve relevant ads & rewards.

  • VIP Customer Experiences

    Give big spenders a personalized, white-glove shopping experience – which builds both loyalty and increases the effectiveness of your sales team.

  • Secure Customer Verification

    Reduce the risk of identity theft, data breaches, and card skimming by requiring facial verification.

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