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Ayonix partners with customers to understand their unique circumstances, then recommends the exact technology solutions that will deliver.

Ayonix helps customers make smart, strategic investments, and our technology is designed to evolve with their changing needs. Some customers come to Ayonix with a specific goal in mind and can hugely benefit from using multiple technologies to fit a broader plan.

Public Safety

From routine surveillance to border control, Ayonix face recognition enhances how you protect people and identify threats.

Access Control

Face recognition ensures only authorized users can access facilities, personal records and more, with touchless convenience.

Commerce & Marketing

Deepen retail relationships, make relevant product offers and more with Ayonix tools that connect with customers.

Public Safety Solutions

Keeping people safe is your priority

People today are much more mobile, adding a new layer to how agencies proactively work to keep their citizens safe.

With Ayonix face recognition software, law enforcement and other officials have better tools for monitoring traffic across state, national and international borders, with a faster and more accurate way to identify individuals who might present risks.

These tools also can assist with investigative work, providing important clues and results that allow protection teams to do what they do best.

Border Protection

Ayonix face protection software can help you quickly and accurately monitor people crossing the borders, helping you to identify and halt potentially threatening individuals.

Passport Verification

Face recognition can speed secure checking of travel documents, particularly with the expansion of ePassports with self-check airport kiosks.

Verification tools help border patrols confirm identity for individuals who arrive without documentation, such as refugees who fled for safety, or those with fraudulent identification.

Images captured by Ayonix can automatically be searched in FBI, CIA, Interpol and other criminal databases, keeping your borders safe and secure.


Ayonix systems can help you monitor anyone who is monitoring you.

For example, if an unknown individual walks around your facility more than a specific time, the system alerts your security team.

Ayonix’s sophisticated technology offers competitive advantages in accurately capturing face images in common environments, where lighting, camera angles, and facial obstructions (such as hats and sunglasses), can make it more complicated to identify people.

Access Control

Define and protect your space

In nearly every industry today, employees are granted specific access to the resources they need to do their job – from databases to workplace locations.

Protecting the integrity of work processes and products means being able to go back and validate what happens at each touchpoint.

With Ayonix face recognition, you can easily grant and rescind designated access to the right individuals at the right time – all with a few simple keystrokes that keep your organization operating efficiently.

Patient Management

Insurance cards and driver’s licenses are cumbersome ways to confirm patient identities when they check in for medical services.

With Ayonix face recognition, you can instantaneously match patients and their records, trimming administrative time and providing more time for important patient care.

Facility Access

Face recognition stations can open doors and digital records, allowing only those individuals with pre-approved access to those venues and information.

In a hospital, for example, you can protect your sterile operating areas from unauthorized access, which puts patients at risk and increases day-to-day business costs.

Commerce & Marketing

Give your customers exactly what they want

In a society where instant gratification has become a trademark, why not use that to your market advantage?

The more you connect your existing and prospective customers with you and your products, the more you can grow your business.

The Ayonix platform allows you to use face recognition to help your customers see themselves using your platform, and it also streamlines much of the required verification that can slow down their engagement.

Digital Signage

With its face recognition software, Ayonix can identify potential customers as they walk through high-traffic venues, such as shopping malls.

Take that one step further by integrating results to update digital marketing in real time, meaning that a mother pushing a stroller might see a department store ad with a mother pushing a stroller – and be compelled to stop.

You’re drastically cutting through the visual clutter with customized ads that are a win for you, the shopping complex and the consumer.

Customer Verification

Identify theft and data breaches are common threats in the retail economy. Face recognition is a unique identifier – more accurate than fingerprint or iris biometric readings – to confirm that the individual in the bank branch is exactly the person on that bank account.

At the ATM and other card swipers, the risks of skimmers claiming account info or watching over a shoulder to get a PIN are minimized when face recognition is required.

Meaningful insights

On the back end, you also deepen your data about prospective customers.

Now, imagine the gains when you take that technology to the gas station pumps, the movie complex and other highly visited venues.

Better service & rewards

Know exactly when VIP customers arrive so your sales team can welcome them and provide a white-glove experience – which builds both loyalty and your bottom line. (On the flip side, your security team also can be quickly notified when known shoplifters enter your venue.)

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