The Ayonix Story

Ayonix is the pioneering developer of one of the world’s leading 3D face recognition technologies

Built on advanced mathematical approaches and pattern recognition, our platform offers real-time results that are the fastest and most accurate in the world, according to NIST results.

Ongoing development

At our heart, Ayonix is an innovation company, always pursuing new technology, tools and insights to refine and enhance our software suite.

All face technologies and applications are developed and patented directly by Ayonix, with no external software or licensing that can slow down future development. Extensive product and reliability testing ensures that our customers receive the highest-quality software.

Customer approach

As a trusted partner, Ayonix works to understand our customers’ strategic needs, then recommends the product – along with smart investments in hardware and cameras – that will capture the right information for them.

To follow up on our commitment to quality, we also offer customer support across the lifecycle of every product.

Select Partners & Customers

Technology partners

Our face recognition technology can be used in multiple computing, IP cameras and mobile platforms to provide fully integrated face detection, matching and passive demographic analysis.

OEM hardware and software partners benefit from our processing performance and deployment efficiencies that require minimal computing headroom.

Resale partners

Ayonix sells exclusively through a network of distributors and resellers worldwide.

We welcome inquiries from qualified integrators that have demonstrated capabilities working with technology infrastructure that supports a face recognition deployment. Security cameras, video management systems and IP network architecture are vital expertise areas of our most successful resale partners.

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