Ayonix has been established in 2007 in Osaka, Japan. Ayonix started as a Face recognition company as an independent entity. We started our company for developing the Face recognition technology for our society, initially in Japan only. After few years of developments and sales, we started to market our technology to other countries in 7 continents. Now, Ayonix, as a technology company is the world’s fastest and most accurate facial recognition AI in the world, which was tested to be 70 times more powerful than other competing algorithms. We have our double-growing yearly-revenue in software licenses from more than 30 countries. Facial recognition has entered the mainstream and the Total Addressable Market is over $100bn globally growing 17% annually.

Due to COVID, this has increased and facial recognition for identification is commonplace as physical touch now has a potential life and death risk factor. During Covid, there is an incremental demand for Face recognition but all face recognition engines have not been sufficient for the customers. Ayonix found this gap and developed its products to satisfy customer needs. Now, Ayonix is first and foremost a computer vision software solution. It is the Intelligent software that integrates with existing camera systems and then identifies with 99% accuracy including mask faces. Our technology has been continually developed over 13 years and is head and shoulders above the rest.

We have four important IPs:

  • 3D AI engine
  • Embedded FR technology
  • Ultra-fast Face detection algorithm and Thermal
  • Night vision Face technology.

Face detection algorithm detects human faces regardless of masks, ages, gender, ethnicity and environmental factors such as light, face angle, noisy environments, night time, weather conditions etc.

Our detection accuracy is over 15 times better than the nearest competitor, 20 times lighter than companies tested in NIST (National Institute of Standards and technology of USA) evaluations and it uses 100 times less processing power.  Additionally, That’s very much our competitive advantage. It’s the fastest recognition engine, allowing the smallest hardware to be used and importantly, our offering is the most cost effective in the market.

These bring us more projects in Japan, Australia, Russia, USA, UK and LATAM countries.

Ayonix continues to grow organically and will continue to grow with new face technologies, new products and systems.

Ayonix not only offers component-based face recognition in a form of SDK but also provides turn-key products including cameras, PC servers, edge devices, modem, cabling along with the training.