Faciomatcher release

Ayonix finally achieved Face recognition in 60fps speed in Full HD movie(1920×1080 pixel) on Single core CPU. 60fps speed has been measured when face tracker mode is off. 
Ayonix had been chosen to be the fastest face recognition company in the world in 2015. Latest developments of Ayonix show that Ayonix has achieved 20 times faster speed than its engine released in 2015.  
New technology is available for testing as Demo application so-named “Faciomatcher”. Faciomatcher now accepts face matching from Still images, videos and Web cameras as well as Onvif-compliant IP cameras. 

Faciomatcher brings a few innovative features:

  1.  Online licensing which allows user to license Faciomatcher instantly without any license file exchange.
  2.  All unknown faces are listed in real time and all known faces are shown in the screen with their names under their face rectangles
  3.  Switching any camera is smooth and fast
  4.  Enrollment module allows user to add a record by using web camera or IP camera
  5.  All recognized faces are shown with their candidate lists.
  6.  All results are exported to pdf files in one click.

Ayonix is now waiting for Trial users.

Please send your demo tester requests to [email protected]

Ayonix Sales Dept.

Ayonix Corporation, Japan
Tel: +81 3 6277 2311



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