Face recognition can make hospitals safer

Spending time in a hospital can be stressful enough as you focus on your health and recovery. Face recognition can take the stress off of ensuring your medical providers know who you are and keep you and your records safe and secure.

Ayonix offers a host of ways that face recognition can improve hospital processes and make your hospital stay safe:

  • Patient management: Don’t worry about if you lose your ID bracelet or patient management card. Your face can confirm your identity, so you get exactly the medical services you need.
  • Doctor verification: The face of your medical provider – including your doctor and nurse – allows them to log into the hospital network to access your chart. Noone who isn’t authorized can view your records, keeping your personal information secure.
  • Door access control: Face recognition can open doors without having to touch them. While frictionless access reduces the risk of germs spreading and maintains sterile environments, it also ensures that only authorized individuals can get into restricted areas, including the surgical suite.
  • Patient identification: Each face is unique, and face recognition can help confirm identity for patients with limited communication skills, ensuring they get the right care.

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