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Cyberview Inc. Ltd., an enterprise class video management system  (VMS) products and solutions vendor, and Ayonix Corporation, a worldwide leader in 3D face recognition technology, are pleased to announce today that a collaboration agreement has been signed for the development of face-recognition enabled VMS solutions for different market verticals.

The collaboration focuses on incorporating face recognition technology into VMS systems as well as sales of Ayonix out-of-box Face recognition products. Ayonix Corporation has a deep understanding of most natural biometrics for human kind – Facial Recognition, whereas Cyberview Inc. Ltd. has ample experiences and knowledge in IP-based CCTV system development. The collaboration aims at taking the best from both partners, to provide the most natural, intuitive, and effective way for the next generation of video surveillance applications.

“Video surveillance is a mandatory requirement for most of the public areas like airports, school campus, casinos, transits, immigration borders, etc. The most instrumental function for video surveillance system is to perform after-facts investigation after incidents happen, but such kind of investigation is usually tedious because it involves tremendous of manual effort in going through huge video archives due to the nature of large number of cameras for these wide public areas. Now, with Ayonix’s state-of-the-art face recognition technology, it can equip video surveillance system to provide instant alerts for potential threats for the presence of blacklisted persons, criminals or even terrorists,” said Ronald Chung, PhD, Vice President at Cyberview. “Not only could face recognition technology provides another dimension of assistance in VMS for real-time monitoring and crimes/incidents prevention, but also pave the way for big data oriented VMS solution through various kind of metadata derived from Ayonix’s face recognition. Cyberview has successfully integrated Ayonix’s face recognition metadata technology to realize unparalleled face image based video retrieval with more than 100X speedup ratio. The potential for further VMS applications for different market verticals is unimaginable.”

Sadi Vural, PhD, CEO of Ayonix Corporation said: “By working closely with Cyberview, we are confident that our joint commitment will expand Ayonix business in Hongkong and Macao. Our 3D Face recognition technology and products developed based on this will give customer great benefits.”
“Ayonix’s face recognition technology will give advantage for the purposes of identification, linking and solving crimes, and rapid identification using mobile capture devices, and will further enhance national border security. Furthermore, Ayonix-Cyberview partnership will offer a number of advantages for miscellaneous industries such as casinos, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals and school facilities.”

About Cyberview

Cyberview provides world-class and mission critical hardware and software products that can be put together to build a fully digital IP-based video surveillance solution. The software, hardware and firmware are designed not only for video management, but also for the extraction and gathering of security information from which business intelligence can be derived to streamline security business operations. The roadmap and concept of big-data oriented solution with just-in-time narration of video with analytics metadata enable broad range of possibilities in deriving business intelligence from surveillance videos that can maximize return of investments.

About Ayonix

Ayonix develops and provides marketing-leading world’s fastest 3D Face recognition technology and applications for law enforcements, airports, city surveillance applications as well as marketing applications like people demographics.

Ayonix has various applications such as face image database search, real-time video search and Face matching from IP cameras, PC Face logon, Android/Iphone Face matching.

Ayonix engine is designed and developed to use with Intel, AMD, Arm processors and Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

Ayonix has been ranked as number two in the evaluation test of NIST 2014 face recognition vendor tests by matching 1.7 million people under one second, providing definitive proof of the superiority of Ayonix’s face recognition technology.

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