Ayonix Unveils AICam Platform for Face Recognition

Pioneering system offers edge processing for speed, accuracy & scalability 

RICHMOND, Va. – Ayonix Face Technologies has unveiled its new AICam Platform, a first-of-its-kind IP camera-embedded application for high-performance face detection and matching. Ayonix recently demonstrated the product at ISC West, the nation’s largest annual security technology conference.

The AICam platform can match a face and alert a client within 50 milliseconds – with near flawless accuracy. At the heart of the platform is the Ayonix face recognition engine, which was rated the fastest in 2018 NIST tests. The platform has the flexibility to meet diverse market needs, including public surveillance, streamlined access control and visitor demographics to enhance marketing.

“AICam delivers an elegant and powerful solution to the ongoing challenges of monitoring access and identifying individuals – both to open the door and create tailored experiences for authorized users and to quickly determine unauthorized visitors,” said Sadi Vural, Ph.D., Ayonix founder and chairman. “Our clients need fast, accurate security technology, and we deliver that at a fraction of the cost.”

All face recognition operations are conducted within a designated camera, which addresses emerging industry issues regarding individual privacy.

“A significant benefit of this new platform is its ability to protect personal data on any network. Because we process the detection events and store enrollment templates on the camera, and track the templates using a blockchain methodology, if there were a data breach the information gleaned would be completely useless” said Mike Broggie, CEO of Ayonix, which recently moved its international headquarters to Richmond, Va. “We have achieved full edge-processing of the FR workflow, which solves the current and very concerning problem of competing solutions that pass personally identifiable information across public networks.”

About the AICam Methodology

The AICam platform can handle up to 1,000 cameras, even in remote locations, with a single server. It can detect up to 20 faces simultaneously, and each camera can match up to 30 faces each second – meaning people don’t need to stop or slow down in front of the camera to be identified.

An integrated dashboard allows clients to easily manage the AICam and results. The system captures and catalogs thumbnail images, allowing for thousands of records to be saved for future matching. Every detection and match event is recorded, meaning that every face that passes before a camera can either be identified immediately if in the database, or logged for future identification.

About Ayonix:Ayonix (ayonix.com/) is the pioneering developer of one of the world’s leading 3D face recognition technologies. Built on advanced mathematical approaches and pattern recognition, its platform offers real-time results that are the fastest and most accurate in the world, according to NIST results.

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