Ayonix Smile Detector

Ayonix Corporation in Tokyo, Japan has recently succeeded to analyze people smiling from images. Ayonix engineers started to work on 3D Face smile detection technology in 2013. After a 3-year research and development period, Ayonix finally developed the most reliable smile analysis technology.

Ayonix Smile Detector not only understands people smiling but also analyzes if people are really happily smiling or not. Current technology has been tested more than 110 different races from 7 continents in the world.

Ayonix Smile Detector now detects people smiling in less than 1% error rate while state-of-the-art algorithms give 15% in our internal tests.

Smile Detector will be soon available for testing in Windows computers. Same application will be publicly available in Play store, Apple store in October.


Ayonix has developed smile detector for different usage such as measuring people happiness for marketing purposes, Hospitals, Schools, Self-payment kiosks, Airports.

In addition to this, It is also used for Employee face smile training. For service business it will be very popular. For example, in MacDonald, Starbucks or any franchising shop, staff face smiling is very important. They need to train themselves how good impression they give to their customers.

Ayonix will soon use smile detector for logging people to their PCs or smart phones by smiling. Without smiling, device will not recognize faces.



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