Ayonix Releases SDK for Android Platform

Tool enables developers to launch mobile apps with Ayonix face recognition engine

RICHMOND, Va. – With increasing demand to bring face recognition to mobile environments, Ayonix Face Technologies has launched an Android Software Development Kit for the creation of mobile applications that integrate its pioneering face recognition platform. 

“With this launch, Android developers now have the capability to build fully functioning face recognition apps, based on the powerful Ayonix engine,” says Mike Broggie, Ayonix chief executive officer. “The SDK will provide the foundation for innovative use of face recognition in mobile devices. This is a capability need that we have heard repeatedly from our clients, who are identifying opportunities where they can maximize the Ayonix face recognition platform.”

Potential apps could enhance access control, mobile transactions and customer loyalty, just to name a few. Ayonix designed the SDK to maintain high standards of privacy protection.

“Clients are looking for ways to leverage face recognition as a trigger biometric measure for authenticating identity at discrete moments, which is becoming a growing demand as our world becomes ever more mobile,” Broggie said. “Creating fast, accurate and secure apps that bring the unparalleled capabilities of the Ayonix platform to today’s mobile environment will help clients enhance their overall identity-verification strategies.”

The SDK, which runs on 64-bit platforms, provides Ayonix’s full slate of FR functionality: face detection, tracking and matching, age estimation, smile and liveness detection and gender tagging. For information about licensing an Ayonix SDK, go to Ayonix.com/contact.

About Ayonix: Ayonix (ayonix.com) is the pioneering developer of one of the world’s leading 3D face recognition technologies. Built on advanced mathematical approaches and pattern recognition, its platform offers real-time results that are the fastest and most accurate in the world, according to NIST results.

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