passport ic chip

Passport Authentication system

Secured,Compact, Single face matching
Ayonix E-gate product helps for the faster and more efficient flow of passengers. It runs 3D Face recognition technology that captures and matches a passenger’s biometric and passport information.
Passport reader extracts passenger data from passport. Based on the extracted face data, Face recognition verifies the passport to prevent misuse of the passport or illegal immigration

Product Functions

  • Advanced 3D Face verification and authentication
  • LED-Based visible white, IR and UV illumination during passport scanning.
  • Automated Face comparison (printed photo, hologram face and camera matching)
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into any governmental workflow through SDK and API
  • Fast 3D-face-matching(1sec in 3Million faces.
  • Secured passport control for passport check.
  • Specifically designed for passport control.
  • Speedy passengers screening by reducing queuing time

Key Features

  • Faster, easier, with less constraints for the user
  • Aliveness check
  • E-document reader inside the e-gate or at its entrance
  • ICAO passport reading
  • Management of e-gates in one location
  • Monitoring Station
  • Secured data transfer between Server and e-gate terminals, passport readers
  • Support more than 140 country passports
  • Speedy matching

Engine Performance

Enrollment time 200ms/image
Verification time (1:N) 100ms
Recognition time (N:N) 120ms
Recognition accuracy(*) 98%
FAR 1%
FRR 3%


Image format Jpeg, BMP
8bit grayscale / 24bit RGB
Input Image size Min. VGA size
Maximum database size Technically no limit.
Template size 2KB
Minimum face size 64 pixels
Output Face similarity level




System reads image from Passport IC CHIP and compares it with the camera stream.
A High-Resolution IP Camera captures person face while walking and compares with passport image and door opens for Arrival gate.




Ayonix Egate